Rutgers Summer Programs

Want to stay sharp academically over the summer?

By Matt Chirico

At Rutgers University, more than 100 summer programs were available to high school students including the Hugh N. Boyd Journalism Diversity Workshop for New Jersey High School Students.

The programs, offered in a range of areas, included intensive training programs in volleyball, theater, dance and college preparation skills. While some, like the Boyd program were full scholarship programs, others charged a fee. Still, an estimated 2,500-plus students were on Rutgers’ New Brunswick-Piscataway campus this summer. And that doesn’t count the numbers of high school students who were enrolled in summer courses offering college credits.

Those running these summer programs said they definitely see improvement in the performance of students who attend.

“We see a definite difference,” said Elena Ragusa, director of Pre-College Research and Partnerships for Rutgers’ Research & Enrollment Informative Services. “Those who attend these programs tend to understand the content and grasp the material much quicker than those who don’t (attend summer programs).”

Experts who study student readiness have found that getting a head start through these types of summer programs can be an essential key to a student’s success.

to set a student apart from the others.

Students on campus said their time at Rutgers this summer was well spent.

Hector, a 17-year-old student in a college preparation program called Rutgers Future Scholars, said, “I’ve had a great time.”

And a Nike-sponsored volleyball summer camp attendee also spoke highly of her experience.

Said one student athlete who went by the name Or, “I love it, the coaches are really nice. Rutgers is a great place.”


For more information on some of the Rutgers summer programs available, go to:


For more information on the Boyd Journalism Workshop, go to:





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