Savannah Britt

Young Media Mogul Shares The Secrets to her Success

By Raven Harper

Savannah Britt, 23, a Public Relations guru who helps her well-known clients boost their brands, built her career and brand from the ground up.

Britt had an early passion for communication: she started writing reviews for children books at age 9, and then started her own magazine publication a couple years later at age 12. The magazine, Girl Prez, featured topics on beauty, fashion and self-esteem development for other young girls.

She later was mentored by the chief editor of Teen Vogue and featured on

the Anderson Cooper Show. Britt’s early rise and rapid success earned her a nickname:

“Trump’s Apprentice.”

In college, Britt took her go-getter mindset to the next level. Britt scoped out the

entertainment world and decided to dive into the Public Relations business.

She started running a PR business right out of her dormitory during her freshman year at Rutgers University. She often found herself leaving class to catch the train to New York events. Even though she was in college, her high profile clients ranged from cast members of the reality show “Bad Girls Club” to hip hop artist Smoke Dza.

Savannah graduated from Rutgers University in 2016 with a bachelor’s degree in Political Science and Communications.

When she graduated, she became the owner of GP & Britt Publications, a firm that focuses on public relations and marketing with a client list in fashion, entertainment and lifestyle brands.

Today, Britt’s clients include dancer-choreographer Kaelynn Harris and the rapper, 2 Chainz.

Britt said she doesn’t have a favorite project.

“There are so many different ones. I recently oversaw the official gifting suite for PellePelle at the concert for the XXL freshman class of 2017 a couple weeks ago,” she said. “I got to meet the 2017 XXL freshman class, and provide them with customized letterman jackets, and a lounge for them to hang out when they are not performing.”

Britt said she loves when the media mentions behind the scenes of events, because she

has been able to have that experience. One such experience was working with the XXL, a

Hip-Hop centered magazine, for their annual Freshmen issue. She met the 2017

freshman class, which are the rising Hip-Hop artist in 2017 like PnB Rock, Playboi Carti,

and many more.

Another event she had a blast at was the Impact conference in Miami, Florida, headlined by DJ Khaled, and hosted by YesJulz. Britt said she was able to speak on panels, go to workshops, and even do consultations.

When she is not promoting her clients, Britt is busy doing community service projects.

“If I am not giving back to the community, what does what I’ve been doing really mean?”

Britt said.

As for advice she would offer to future media moguls like the Boyd Workshop students, Britt encouraged the students to dive right in and go after whatever they wanted.

Said Britt: Everything I have done is because I worked for it. Nobody is going to hand you these opportunities. Don’t compromise your morals and values just to get to the money.”


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