The Asbury Park Press

Local News Jersey Shore Style

By Ria Malatesta

Summers are a time when activity buzzes at the Asbury Park Press.

With local residents and visitors swarming the shore, reporters at the Asbury Park Press in Neptune work to keep readers informed on all of the latest news down the Shore. Central to their efforts are a variety of social media sites, such as Facebook Live and Instagram Live, that encourage the public’s participation in the community.

“Millions of people come here during the summer. That means you have a completely different audience of people who don’t live here, so we have to make sure we serve that audience while also tending to the people who live here,” said Jamila Robinson, Regional Features Strategist. “We have to tell them about beach days and what new restaurants to visit. It’s all a balancing act.”

While local news is the main focus, the Press frequently runs stories about other areas thanks to its partnership with other papers based in areas such as Cherry Hill and New Brunswick. The Press is owned by The Gannett Company, which owns eight media companies in New Jersey.

“In this day-to-day network our idea is national is local,” Robinson said. “Some stories that might be local can branch out and impact people on a national level. For instance, if people elsewhere hear about bacteria levels in the coastlines of New Jersey beaches, they might worry about the levels near their own coastlines, and so on.”

By evolving to meet the demands of the digital age and expand their media base, the Asbury Park Press has become an influential media company.


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