2016 Student Stories

The following are excerpts from our student’s stories.

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“A series of interviews with teenage and college-age young women have confirmed that their ideas are similar to Dove’s. However, they are more tuned into the media, which they say is dominated by celebrities.” See Emma Wilenta’s story here.

“While Baby Boomers and Millennials may disagree on tactics of the Black Lives Matter movement, they agree that more work must be done to improve race relations and break down barriers and ultimately stop senseless killings.” See McKenna Samson’s story here.

“Search YouTube or Instagram any time of the week and you can see a self-proclaimed beauty guru take an uncooked hot dog out of her makeup bag. She’s definitely not going to cook it. She’s going to wrap sections of her hair around it in hopes of achieving voluminous curls.” See Alyssa Calubayan’s story here.

“In a world filled with so much “stuff”, it can be hard to discover who you are and what you stand for. In 2016, whether talking about issues in social justice, politics or pop culture, teens say the biggest problem is their opinions aren’t valued or heard.” See Suubi Mondesir’s story here.

“Pokemon Go is not your average Pokemon game. Gone are the days of having to weaken Pokemon before catching them, and some key factors from the main games are missing, such as battling each other and trading Pokemon.” See Michael Pereira’s story here.

“RSAC is a month-long summer theatre program that is part of the extension division of Rutgers University’s Mason Gross School of the Arts. Students take courses in movement, speech, voice, acting, directing, stagecraft, theatre games, classic cinema, careers in theatre and play discussions, as well as special seminars such as stage combat, improvisation and music workshops.” See Daniella Ignacio’s story here.

“For decades, the automobile has been seen as an essential rite of passage, a ticket to adventure, fast food, and popularity. But America’s romance with cars seems to be in question for future generations.” See Rohan Kremer Guha’s story here.

“Social media has been a major instigator of this kind of involvement in social activism, especially when it comes to the influential but controversial Black Lives Matter movement.” See Trina Sanyal’s story here.

“The movement (BLM) has been successful largely because online activism has become popular among a growing number of young people. Millennials and Generation Z have become spokespeople for their generation and have people listen to them.” See McKella Sylvester’s story here.

“The variety of nutritious options at high schools across the country has grown exponentially from the days of mystery meat. According to theCenters for Disease Control and Prevention, close to 80 percent of schools offer two or more fruit options and 80 percent offered two or more vegetable options.” See Serena Chen’s story here.