The Story of “Us”

Living the Boyd Journalism Workshop Life

By Molly Cuddy

 The workshop is nicknamed a “journalism bootcamp”; its purpose is to educate high school students about the world of journalism. It gives students valuable skills needed if they wish to pursue a career in the field. For now, only 10 students are selected each year. They all attend on a full scholarship.
    However, the Boyd workshop is much more than that.

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Teen Vogue

Reaching Teens With an Edge and a Smile

By Joelle Tancredi

When Teen Vogue launched in February 2003, teenagers rushed to stores to pick up a copy. They were excited to read up on the latest beauty trends, relationship advice, fashion icons, and celebrity gossip.  Young children may have been too busy reading American Girl and Highlights Magazine to care about makeup or relationships. But for teens, this was everything.

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